List of Breaking the Ice participants 2013:

 Denis Sivoraksh

I am Denis, 27 years old. Born in Kazakhstan and in the age of 12, my family and I made “Aliya” to Israel.
Recently graduated with B.Sc. degree in Computer Science at Haifa University, and these days looking for my next challenging position in the world of High-Tech.
Besides my studies, I love photography, Hiking and Trekking, and DJ during the night as well.
As a very optimistic person, I’m always looking on a bright side. “Breaking the Ice” project is one of those bright sides, which I’m happy to participate in!

Muhamed Heeb
 My name is Muhamed, I'm 26 years old I was born in a small village in Northern Israel named Tuba Zangaria, and I am currently in my last year at the University of Haifa were I'm studying Political Science and Sociology. in my spare time I volunteer in a youth shelter in Haifa at the Hadar neighborhood, or I go for a run at the Carmel mount, I love life and trying to enjoy every moment and get the best of it, and trying always to challenge myself mentally and physically. "only those who take a risk and go far, reveals how far he can reach".

My name is Hezi Elyahoo, I was born in Israel in 1987. Now I live in Yoknaem with my parents and my brothers. Both of my parents were born in Israel. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters.
I served in the Israel Defense Forces for 5 years as a intelligence officer. After I had finished my service I worked as a teacher in a high school.
In my spare time I like to play sports and to hike. I also volunteer in Gesher program. I volunteer as a tutor. I am a second year student in The Department of biology at Haifa University. I am very excited from the upcoming journey, and I hope to learn a lot from my Jewish and Arabs friends. 

Boaz Falk, 29 years old, the third child of 4 children. I was born and raised in Rishon Le-zion, currently I live in Haifa. I have a B.A. degree in Behavioral Sciences from Ben Gurion University in the Negev.  Nowadays, I am a graduate student in the Department of Social Psychology at the University of Haifa, Israel.
 I love people, words and try constantly to combine between both. My thesis work deals with This themes, and examines the effect of guilt and people's fear of being envied . Besides that, I read and write poetry (While these lines are being written, some of my poems are in the process of publication).
Wisdom of life: setting designs the actors. When the play ends, the audience leaves the theater. The setting is taken down, customs are back to their box and all is left are the people. 

Name: Ravit benaim
Profession: Geologist, Environmental consultant
Student: MA, Water Studies
Home: Lives in Hofit. 7 minutes walk  from the beach in the center of Israel, EmekHefer region.
Me : Dancing through life, Smiling, Searching for answers, Trying to fully let go…

Renana Gal—I was born and raised in Kibbutz Dalia (one of many beautiful places in the northern part of our country), and now I live in the great city of Haifa. I’ve just finished the first year of myMA in Drama Therapy. I’ve earned my Bachelor degree in Theater Arts at Brandeis University, near Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Besides studying, I’m a Peace Educator at an organization called PeacePlayers International. Through the usage of sports, drama, and arts, I’m helping young Jewish and Arab basketball players to overcome cultural and social prejudices while developing dialogue skills.
Life keeps me busy, that’s why I like to relax during the weekends. Every Friday morning I go to the circus, climb up beautiful red silks and study the art of aerial acrobatics. After my adrenaline has been sufficiently increased, I go back home and enjoy the rest of the weekend with my friends and family.

Tamer Atalla , I was born at Yarka village, studying Economics and Accounting  ,Third year-finishing  the degree, Got one more Extra year for accounting ; I work at the sports department  at the uni', living at the dorms and work as Social coordinator.
Some Quotes that I wrote for myself- :
living Among Principles & Values, Gives You Peace, Respect & Satisfaction""
"I DREAM, I CAN & I DO Walk On Water, Fly Above The Clouds & Rest In Peace In The Nature. It's All About Vision, Belief & Act."
"The Real Journey Of Life Is Hidden Within You,Some Where Deep Inside . . ."

Hi, my name is Gabrielle avital, 26 years old, originally come from a settlement called gan-ner in the gilboa mountain. Now I live in Haifa and I am a student for both:  tour guide and archeology- geography in the University of Haifa.
"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." J

Miran Aswad's Resume
My name is Miran Aswad, I was born at an old beautiful city called Akko. I'm a PhD student at Haifa University at the biology department. My research is about the resolution of inflammation of the immune system. My hobbies are swimming, reading and dancing. My goal in life is to take part of having a better world for living and I think my participating in "Breaking the Ice" project would contribute for revealing and dealing with differences at point of views of the Arabic- Israeli conflict at the Middle East. 

My name is Samer Obeid am 22 years old, I came from a small village named Tur'an, meanwhile am a student for economics and management and it's my second year. I love sport specially swimming I used to work as a lifeguard, in my free times i do swimming/ gym/ play guitar/ hanging out with friends/ listening to music. I believe in freedom equality open mind, a phrase that means a lot to me is "Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

My name is AbirSalamy
 I am from yarka village
 An MA student in art therapy
I love to draw as a hobby

List of Breaking the Ice participants 2012:

Moran Ben Shlush
I Live in Haifa. an M.A. Student in the school of political science in the Division of Public Administration and Policy in the University of Haifa.
I work in the real estate business- marketing projects.
I love enjoying and loving life.

Naama Pinhassi
I'm a B.A student in a double major program integrating the departments of psychology and the Jewish history in Israel.
I am a member in the student village in Haifa, love playing the flute and hiking.

Saher Zidan
Saher Zidan is my full name, 23 years old from Akko, I'm a Haifa University MA student of economics. Working as a TA at the department of economics.
I simply, live my life enjoying my good memories in the past, living my moment in the present and taking care of my future.

Sofi Nijim
I'm a B.A.student in the department of criminology and sociology.
I work as a volleyball referee, and as a swimmer instructor.

Elay Koren

I'm an M.A. student for Energy Management and Policy degree in the University of Haifa. I live in the village of Yodfat in the Galilee in the north of Israel.
I love rock climbing cycling and surfing.

Roey Kraus
Just about to end a M.A in molecular biology in the school of sea science in Haifa University.
Really love to run, hike and trying to combine the two by being a member in the navigation run association in Israel.

Sagi Pomerancblum
Just finish my bachelor in politics and communication. Live with my spouse Yael and my dog Nikki in Haifa, were I was born and raised Love to do sport (and watching as well), to hike in the nature, to read and learn new things and to spend quality time with my friends and family.

Tamer Abu Baker
I was born in the village of Salem in the central north of Israel.  I Study  BSC in Information systems for computers in the University of Haifa.
I'm a  football player and a great fan of hiking.

Basem Fares
A Ms.c Biology student at Haifa university. From Hourfesh Village Israel.
Sports: Diving, climbing & Ju-Jitsu.

Naame Abudoleh

I am a student in my third year in the psychedelic-A preparation for Art therapy. I work as a coordinatorin a social organization called "ot hanoar" in my village Yarka.
I love working with teenagers, I see myself as an optimistic person and I smile a lot.

List of Breaking the Ice participants 2011:

Lilach Peer (24)
Lilach is an undergraduate student at the department of speech therapy and audiology at the faculty of social welfare & health sciences, in the university of Haifa. Lilach was born in Kidron and currently lives at Haifa, Israel.

Dr. Rami Grifat (30)
Rami is a physician who is studying public health at the school of public health at faculty of social welfare & health sciences, in the University of Haifa. Rami is married, has two children and lives in the village of Zarzear, Israel.

Shadi Bader (29)
Shadi is an undergraduate student of physiotherapy at the school of public health at the faculty of social welfare & health sciences, in the university of Haifa. Shadi is member of the student union at the university. Shadi was born in Hurfeish and he is currently lives at the university's dorms in Haifa, Israel.

Walaa Ali Saleh (22)
Walaa is an undergraduate student of accountant and economics at the faculty of social sciences, in the university of Haifa. Walaa is currently lives in the village of Yafat An-Nasriah, Israel.

Yaara Zisman-Ilani (29)
Yaara is a psychologist and a Ph.D. student at the department of community mental health at the faculty of social welfare & health sciences, in the University of Haifa. Yaara is married, and currently lives in Herzliya, Israel.

Yehuda Oren (26)
Yehuda is an undergraduate student of psychology and communication at the faculty of social sciences, in the University of Haifa. Yehuda is currently lives at the university's dorms in Haifa, Israel.

Manar Rayan (23) 
Manar is a student at the faculty of Neurobiology and Ethology at the University of Haifa. Manar lives in the village of Kabul, Israel.

Ilan Abutbul (25)
Ilan is an undergraduate student of Biblical studies and Ofakim honors program at the University of Haifa. Ilan was born in Gedera and currently lives at Haifa, Israel.

Yuval Cad (28)
Yuval is an undergraduate student at the department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Haifa. Yuval currently lives at Haifa, Israel.

List of Breaking the Ice participants 2010:

Lobna Agbaria (23)
Lobna is from Herzliya. Studies Law and Economics at IDC Herzliya. Professional Volleyball

  Malek Butto (25)
Malek is from Nazareth. Studies Computer sciences and Information systems at Emek Yezreel college. Professional Volleyball player.

   Ori Dror (27)
Ori is from Haifa. Studies Psycology at University of Haifa. Professional swimming trainer.

   Shiri Heffer-Keren (31)
Shiri, C.P.A, from Tel-Aviv. Grad student in Natural Resources and Environmental Management at the University of Haifa. Shiri is acclaimed marathon runner and a coach at Tel-Aviv Runners Club and mountain climber.

    Tomer Ketter (30)
Tomer is from Atzmon. Grad student for M.Sc in Marine Geophysics at University of Haifa.  Triathlete and Photographer.

     Shadi Khatib (24)
Shadi is from Tamra. Studies Engineering
at Ort Braude college in Carmiel. Professional basketball player.

  Golan Shalvi (27)
Golan is from Osfiya. Studies Archeology at University of Haifa. Avid rock climber and tour guide.

  Nadim Zubidat (24)
Nadim is from Basmat Tivon. Studies Computer Science at University of Haifa. Professional soccer player.

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