8 ביולי 2010

Preparations for our finalizing weekend in Israel

Summer is here, which means that soon we will be on our way to the Alps, but first we must complete our final task: plan and complete an entire weekend activity on our own, as a functioning group. Our mission includes planning a route for the trek (and agree upon it!), planning the food, timetable and budget, order the transportation, find topics for our group sessions.... you get the idea :-)
All in all, I think we are pretty much ready for this trip (next weekend), after really putting a lot of effort into it. Lots of group decisions came only after long debates about nearly everything, but all in a positive and constructive manner.
The plan is to ascend about 1600 meters in 2 days: first from Banias park through Govta stream to Neve-Ativ, and on the next day up to Birkat-Man and on to the upper ski-lift of the Hermon ski park (time permiting). Long sessions are planned for reviewing the process of our decision-making, and for planning our social activities as a group next year. We already have some ideas for activities in the community.

Aside of all these tasks, we are already busy with the upcoming flight. Not easy to make a 10-person appointment in an alpine gear shop... Some of us are planning to stay in Europe after our expedition is over, and the excitement among us is... here!

See you in my next post, after our trip to the highest mountain in Israel :-)


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