2 במרץ 2011

The journey continues: Breaking the Ice group and friends travel in Judean Desert

Last weekend we hooked up again and headed south to the dead sea area. Our goal was to turn the spirit of Breaking the Ice project from into a tradition of Jews and Arabs hiking in nature, by broadening our circle of participants and bringing in more and more friends from our daily lives. In our vision we see the group spending the night under the stars, cooking a delicious dinner on a camp fire, sharing a nargila and coffee and talking about everything. that's exactly what we did!!

In the morning, after packing lunch, we started hiking into the Tse'elim canyon (click for map) as the day warmed up. we were all surprised to see this eternally dry canyon actually flowing with crystal clear water, some remaining from the last flood and some coming from Ein Namer (spring). by noon we reached the beautiful spring and jumped in for a cold and refreshing treat. after lunch and black coffee we headed back downstream and stopped yet once more for another chilling dip in another natural pool (click below for photos).

Photos by Tomer:

Photos by Malek:

We will try our best to keep this tradition and spread it ever more widely among our friends and their friends and so on....

see you on our next adventure!!

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