11 ביולי 2011

Some words about what we have been through... In a nutshell, By Lilach Peer

Our first trip- Carmel Mountains.
We started hiking from Yagur and ended at the University of Haifa, 15 young people who didn't really know each other, climbing up and down with a lot of new energy.
In that trip, some of us experienced for the first time- what it feels having a heavy backpack on your shoulders, sleeping outside in a sleeping bag, eating tons of tuna cans (in that time we still didn't know how to make tuna so delicious) – and walk SO much.
People were thinking- "wow! Look how Rami is making fire…" (back then, we weren't aware yet to Rami's magnificent talent in fire…), "wow, taste this delicious tea" (back then, we couldn’t guess that Ilan will be our expedition's naked chef, including tea every moment and the brilliant "magadara"), and also "wow, look at that… what a scary mountain… there is so much to climb…" (back then, we didn't know that this kind of slopes will consider by us later on as a "piece of cake"…)

Our second trip- Tavor mountain and Dvora mountain.
We started hiking at Yavniel and ended at Dvora mountain. Now, 10 young people, with even more energy than before, learning how to manage in a group, learning more details about each other (like- when does Shadi prefer to be awake at night- for our security, and at the same time- who is exactly the person that snores so loudly at night…).
People were thinking- "Yuval, can you explain something about this place we’re traveling at?" (at that time we started realizing how much information we can get from only one person- about anything related to nature), "Walaa, please stop snoring!!" (this is why knowing each other is so important…).

Our third trip- Meron mountain.
We started hiking at Kadarin Junction and ended at "Beit sefer sade Meron". Still 10 people, with no fear – and the feeling we getting to know each other better and better.
In that trip, Ulfat and Maayan taught us some of the roles of the group- one of us is the leader, one of us is the "garbage man" (e.g., responsible on everything in regard to cleanings), there's a doctor, a chef, and I also suggested that one of us will make the rest of us a free massage (I still think this is the most important role in the group!!).
People were thinking a lot of new things, opinions, experiences that were influenced by our cultures and identities, and a lot of conversations about us as a part of the same group.

I think that from one weekend to another- we learned a lot about ourselves; It starts from the small things, like- now when we want wet wipes, we know that Yaara will be more than glad to give us one (or better more than one, we need to smell good!!..). we know that Manar likes to sleep at night, but not with someone snoring in her ear; we now know, that Yehuda runs to every place where there is an interesting conversations about feelings and relationships between Jews and Arabs; we know that Ulfat needs to eat when she's hungry, and not a minute after, and that Rami is the best man to make a fire, even with no lighter.

But more than that-
We know what are the 10 most important values of each of us in his own life. We know how we feel about living in Israel, and what the difficulties that come with it, and, from one weekend to another, we learn how to manage as one group, that includes every one of us- with his own experiences, knowledge, and preferences.

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